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  • Espro Press Large / 1L

    Artisan Roast

  • Quantity :
    86.50 GBP

We're very pleased to be selling the ESPRO™ Press at Artisan Roast.  These double-walled stainless steel french presses have a unique double filter making them unique in their design, and most importantly for us, unique in their ability to make a very refined  coffee brew.


The french press remain a very popular method of brewing coffee at home because it's straightforward and repeatable.  The downside is that the mouth-feel can be gritty and there is a large sludge of sediment left at the bottom of your cup even with the right grind.  


This is where the ESPRO™ Press shines as a coffee brewer.  It is still as easy to repeat but it micro-filters your coffee twice with filters 9-12 times finer than a standard french press.  The resulting brew is reminiscent of a french press with all that fabulous mouth-feel and depth of flavour, but it's also much cleaner on the finish.  The double wall vessel gives you the added bonus of having a brew that stays warm for a long time and won't break.  


This larger size makes one litre of coffee, perfect when you want to brew coffee for a large group of people.

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