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    Northern Panama has become synonymous with exemplary geisha production.  In the rich volcanic soils and cloud forest surrounding Volcan Baru the variety seems to have found its spiritual home and we are delighted to bring you this limited release representation of the very best of Panama from Finca Hartmann.

    The geisha plants on the farm that grew this micro-lot is managed by Allan, one of the five Hartmann siblings that jointly manage the farm together.   It is exclusively planted with geisha, and the rest of the farm includes more traditional varieties such as Catuai, Typica and Maragogype.  The plants are grown under the shade of dense indigenous forest at 1700m altitude, towards the upper range of the farms plantings, in an area called 'Rocky Mountain' by the family.  Shade cools and moistens the air around the geisha trees, slowing the ripening phase of coffee fruit.

    This slow fruit ripening is crucial for sugar development and sweetness in the final roasted product.  Allan Hartman is very aware of this need to retain the most soluble of sugars in coffee, so keeps the harvested cherries carefully managed as they are laid out on raised beds for the first part of drying.  From here it takes between two to three weeks for the moisture to reduce to 14% at which point the coffee is moved to low temperature mechanical driers.  This final stage is a subtle and extremely rare use of drying technology that ensures the final preservation of fruit sugars in the coffee and gives the Hartmanns maximum control over this final, often overlooked stage in producing exemplorary natural processed coffee.

    This attention to detail in every aspect of the coffee's preparation can be seen in a sublime cup of coffee.  Floral aromatics and exotic fruits form the centre of the flavour profile of this special reserve geisha.   Guava is the most striking fruit flavour, and underlying supporting fruits of mandarin orange, raspberry and nectarine.  These flavours flow effortlessly onto floral aromatics of rose water and vanilla.  To preserve the philosophy of the farming we have roasted this coffee with sweetness in mind  and a dense sweetness is harmoniously balanced by an effervescent acidity.  The mouthfeel displays a light to medium intensity with a tea like delicacy, classic varietal characteristics.



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