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  • EL LIBANO / dark


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A darker single origin roast with flavours of dusted cocoa, forest fruits and caramel, deliciously supported by a dense, viscous mouth feel.   


Producer:  Herbert Pérez

Region:  Chimaltenango , Acetenango

Farm:   El Libano

Cultivar:   Typica

Process:   Fully Washed

Altitude:   1350m - 1500m asl



The region of Acatenango has for some time lived in the shadow of it's famous neighbouring region, Antigua, but in recent years has developed a reputation for stunning coffees all of it's own.  From Antigua it sits on the other side of the active volcano Fuego  and receives a generous amount of ash during eruptions in most years which help to provide rich mineral heavy soils perfect for coffee cultivation. Acatenango has a weather pattern influenced by the Pacific which gives it a slightly different micro-climate to neighbouring regions which plays a role in developing some very unique flavour profiles.

This is the first year we've bought El Libano and from the samples we got the Typica selection stood out in quality for delivering terroir characteristics of the region and great processing.  A past cup of Excellence winner, the farm has shown over recent years that it can produce exceptional quality that shows of the very best of Guatemala and we're delighted to be able to offer this coffee.

We're offering two roasts of El Libano that offer a very different sensory experience - a lighter brighter citrus forward roast, and this coffee, the fuller, richer and cocoa focused roast.  To balance the dark chocolate like character we've stretched the caramelisation phase of the roast and ensured there is some underlying forest fruit like flavours on the finish.  The mouthfeel is dense and luxurious and the Typica cultivar brings a structured low intensity acidity adding taste balance on the finish. 

We love this coffee brewed as a french press, and the luxurious chocolate aromas come to the fore in this brewer. In a filter look for more of the caramel aromatics, along with the dark berry notes. The roast also lends itself to espresso – here amaretto and cocoa flavours are supported by a dense sweet mouthfeel .


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