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    KENYA Special Reserve

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    Whole Beans
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    10.00 GBP



A delicious combination of bright citrus snap and sweet red berry jamminess. Red grapefruit, blackcurrant, and hints of vanilla lead onto a viscous raspberry jam finish.




Producer:   561 Kiawamururu Factory Co-operative members

Region:  Mukurwe-ini Town, Nyeri

Cultivar:  Bourbon SL28 and Bourbon SL34

Process:   Fully Washed

Altitude: 1700 - 1800m asl



Kiawamururu factory (or wet mill) is located just outside the small town of Mukurwe-ini. The small holdings that supply the factory range in altitude from 1700 - 1800 metres above sea level, growing in the rich, red volcanic soil just outside the beautiful Abederes National Park in Central Kenya.

Most producers in the region own a few hundred coffee trees and they deliver ripe red cherry from these trees into a central co-operative factory for further processing. In the local Kikuyu language, Kiawamururu means 'the shrubs' after the medicinal plants which traditionally grew in this area, the growth of which signalled the most fertile soil.


This factory has been producing exemplary coffee for many years: our green coffee buyer John first visited it over a decade ago after the farmers had won a competition for coffee quality in Kenya. Since then a consistent focus on quality has helped Kiawamaruru develop an enviable global reputation so we're pleased to be able to bring you this coffee.

The main flavours in the brew are pink grapefruit, raspberry and blackcurrant. We also find a little vanilla to add depth and interest through to the finish. It's a very clean coffee with a rich, almost jammy red fruit juiciness to it that rolls over the palate. Look for some phosphoric acid too that adds intensity and complexity to the lemon citrus and apple-like malic acidity. This phosphoric acidity is often very present in coffees from this part of Kenya because the plants uptake naturally occurring phosphorus from the soils which in turn modifies the taste of coffees once brewed. The roast has been developed to best bring out the raspberry fruit note and juiciness of body. This makes the coffee very versatile and while it sings when brewed as a filter, it's a delicious espresso as well.


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