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A small farm, single producer selection from the deep south of Yirgacheffe. This washed process coffee is bursting with notes of zesty bergamot, sweet white peach and perfumed florals. 


Producer: Moges Mengesha

Region:  Kebele Chelchelie, Gedeb District, Gedeo Zone, Yirga Chefe, Ethiopia

Cultivar: Kurume, Degu, Wolishu

Process:   Fully Washed

Altitude: 2000m - 2070m asl



A change in the law in Ethiopia brings us the chance to showcase top-notch individual producers such as Moges Mengesha. This level of traceability is a new and exciting thing in Ethiopian coffee: before July 2017, all coffee had to be purchased through the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX), where it was often blended, making it difficult both to pin down exactly where the coffee came from, and to give credit to the producers.


We can trace Moges Mengesha's coffee right back to one hectare in the deep south of the Gedeo zone in the Yirga cheffe growing region.  He grows three local landraces of Arabica - Kurume, Degu, Wolishu - all of which are common in the region.


Moges then uses a longer fermentation time of 32 hours due to the altitude of his farm. After fermenting, channelling and soaking over a period of three days the coffee is dried on raised beds (as with almost all coffee in the region). He delivers his red cherry to a coffee pulping station who keep lots like this separate.


This traditional processing, combined with the new layer of traceability, serves the coffee very well. At Artisan Roast we feel this coffee represents the exceptional quality produced in this area: it is bursting with notes of zesty bergamot, sweet white peach and perfumed florals.






Ras Tafari: that was the birth name of Ethiopia's 225th and last emperor, who was born on 23 July 1892, and took the regal name Haile Selassie I when he was crowned. For many considered also as Rastafarian Messiah. All our Ethiopian beans (now and in the past) are represented by his proud portraits.  

Nearly 8,000 miles separate Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, and Kingston, Jamaica, but a link between them was forged by a number of poor black Jamaicans who believed Ras Tafari’s coronation was the fulfillment of a prophecy and that he was their redeemer, the messiah written of in the Bible’s Book of Revelation: “King of Kings, Lord of lords”. They believed he would arrange for a deliverance, which, as they saw it, involved a miraculous transformation. They would be spirited away from their lives of poverty in the Caribbean and relocated in Africa, the land of their ancestors and their spiritual epicentre.

illustration by lukasz


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