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Gift Coffee Subscription  
Make sure your family or friends drink great coffee for the next 6 or 12 months. With our Coffee Subscription , each month we will send them a 250g bag of freshly roasted speciality coffee beans. 



1.   Order and pay using your personal details and email address. Note: don't give us the details of the recipient of your gift, he/she will tell us when she claims the present.

2.   We will then send you an email with straightforward instruction on how to claim your gift.

3. Please forward this email to the recipient of your gift so he/she can claim it.

4.   The Recipient of your gift will be able to select whether she/he would like the coffee as whole beans or ground for a specific brewing method. (Obviously he/she will also be able to select the delivery address!)


The cost of the subscription is a one off cost and includes free delivery by Royal Mail 1st Class.

If you are buying for someone outside of Mainland UK (anywhere in the world!), please contact us before purchasing the voucher and we will et you know how to make it work:





We do the work of selecting a different coffee each month. The coffees are always single origins that we are excited about. They will be diverse in flavour, often new arrivals at our roastery in Scotland, and micro-lots we have on limited release.  Every coffee comes with background information including notes on the farmers, their processing methods, and our own tasting description